Entry #1

What hapened to rotten.com?

2014-03-16 14:43:50 by MiniV2423

Seriously, how could the underbelly of the internet  (http://www.rotten.com/)  is no longer updated. I never went to the site, but jesus christ!!! at least put new stuff on there. I think that after a picture of showing a babys fucking inside's!!!!  and getting huge amounts of hatemail and death threats led me to belive they are not interested in updating it anymore. Plus pornopolis was pretty fucked up, listing other worldly fetishes and other strange shit. Such as a "failed mission" or  "still hungry for horse mutton".   Who the fuck would eat a horse dick?!?!?!?! my guess is some hispanic kid living in a bumfuck country filled with cannables, rapists, and pedophiles would suck on a horse dick just for fun.

Anyways, im getting sortof off topic, my point is, its odd how they arent updating www.rotten.com anymore. anyways



Peace  -MiniV2423


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2014-04-01 08:50:00


Much better.