Just a dream part 1

2014-05-27 08:49:52 by MiniV2423

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no!!" Luna yelled.  Princess celestia woke up in a panic. "Whats the matter!?" Celestia questioned.  "I don't know sister, i have been having these
ludachris dreams about..." Luna makes a
chilling sigh, "A demonic Pinkie pie."   "What? a Demonic Pinkie pie?, If you dont mind if i ask sister..but..how long have you been having such dreams?" Celestia
Questioned. "2 Yea-" Celestia interrupted her sister. "2 Years!?! why did you not tell me of such events?"
"I...was going to tell you-nevermind" Luna could not speak, the words slipped through the thoughts in her mind.
As celestia was leaving her room quarters, Luna said. "Wait...sister!"
"Yes?" Celestia replied. "Where could i find such knowledge or dreams of this nature?"
Celestia looked around the room in a Dumbfounded manor. "You should try to talk to rainbow dash, i think she has had a night terror as such as yours but not now,
You should go back to sleep.tomorrow you can go see my subjects."
"Sounds spectacular" luna stated. As luna was heading back to sleep, she had her nightmare again. And it was different this time.
Luna was laying on a hospital bed. Her hooves and wings were locked in place by chained shackles welded to the floor.
She could move her hooves and wings but it was limited. As some fog in the room started to clear, Luna noticed other ponies
of the same state squerming to get out. Luna Tried to use her magic to get out but her horn was rendered useless.
Suddenly, she heard desperate screaming and mutilating of flesh in the room. The noise of the room reflected and became loud.
Luna struggled to cover her ears but could not. The screaming stopped, Luna heard hoove walking in the distance.
"Hello!" said a synth voiced demonic pinkie. Luna was discusted at the site of a bloodied pinkie with a pleated dress made of cutie marks.
Luna gulped, holding back the feeling to throw up. Her stomach was in knots, she was breathing heavily and was scared speechlessly.
"Well, the sun is almost up, i'll send you back to your room in equestria, see ya-."  Pinkie Demonicly screamed in her face. Drips of blood leaked out
of her mouth and eyes. Luna woke up in a panic. She grabbed her stomach with her hooves and gagged. She went in the bathroom and vomited.



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