Just a dream part 2

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                                                                          JUST A DREAM
                                                                              PART 2
                                                                       "The nightmares beggining"

As Luna began to wipe the vomit from her mouth, she had one common goal that day..."To find Pinkie pie and kill her."  But wait...this was not princess of the night
talking. This was the darker side of her heart Nightmare moon. "No....no no no i have to find rainbow dash and talk to her, right" Luna mumbled to herself.
Nightmare moon hummed. "I think you should do both...it would be a splendid site to see. I have not seen another pony mentaly tortured in decades."
Nightmare moon said with a grin on her face. "Why you litt-".  Just as luna was prepairing to say a comeback, Princess Celestia caught her swatting thin air.
Celestia looked dumbstruck. "What are you doing?" said  Celestia. Luna sighed. "Nothing just prepairing to go out, talk to Rainbow Dash and get something to eat."
"That sounds good however, somthing is odd about your accent." said Celestia. "For what do you mean?" Replied luna.
"Your accent is less shakesphearian than i remember." Celestia said.  "I have been adapting to this towns languages and cultures. Now if you excuse me..i'll be on
my way." Said luna in a rude manor.  As luna left the Crystal empire castle, Celestias response was a groan and a mumbled "Bitch."


As luna was walking down the street of canterlot, she decided to grab some train tickets to get to ponyville. "Thank you prin-" Luna interupted the conductor.
"Im an ex-princess by my sisters side. Im not a major political pawn so you can drop that "Princess" crap"
"Yes ma'am...but.. you raise the moon so we can go to sleep at night" said the conductor.
Luna sighed, "Tushé."  2 Hours later When Luna got to Ponyville. She heard  nightmare moons voice that said "Kill her...kill them all" But the voice wasn't Nightmare
moons voice alone...it was a combination of Queen Crysalisis voice. When luna got to Sugar cube corner, she had a sick feeling in her stomach. "Hi there!!
im so glad your back are you glad cus im glad we all should be glad your back" Exclaimed pinkie pie loudly. "Kill her,"  Nightmare Moon said in her head.
"The party tonight is going to be so awesome theres gonna be cakes ice cream and the whole nine yards." pinkie continued.  "Kill her....KILL HER NOW!!!"
Yelled Nightmare moon. Pinkie tilted her head to the left. "Something wrong?" said pinkie pie. All of the sudden, Luna sliced pinkie pie in half. "B...but..why?"
Pinkie said in a bloodcurtling expression. The mane 6...which was now the main 5 looked in shock and awe at the site of their decapitated friend. "Hey Twi i have
the greek mytholigy books for yo-." Spike stood shaken, with another awestruck face. Twilight talked in a sorrowful tone. "I have no choice but to do this now."
Twilight readied her horn and made a blowback spell. Luna woke up in her room in the palace the next morning...dazed and confused not remembering anything.
"Sister...i really do hate to do this but....you are sentenced to palace arrest for 7 month's.."  Celestia stated.  
"7 month's..for what did i do?" Luna said in a confused tone. "For murdering Pinkie pie in cold blood." Celestia said in a confident tone.
Luna still could not remember what happened. That night luna went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she noticed a shadow of pinkie pie.
She jumped and shook it off as nothing. Then when she poured the glass of water, she noticed a small shadowy phigment of Nightmare moon.

She jumped and shattered the glass of water. However the glass was not that big so no other pony or guard could hear it.
Pictures of dead and mutilated ponies flashed in her mind for fractions of seconds, Luna was holding her head trying to get the images out.
Luna leaned on the wall and slid. Bubbling saliva was coming out of her mouth. Her eyes became bloodshot and she laid there...emotionless...groaning and moaning
desperately for help. She Then woke up gasping like her head was underwater for to long. She then heard many ponies crying in the street. She then decided to see
what was going on, the moments after...would haunt her very soul.


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