Just an interview

2014-05-31 22:36:49 by MiniV2423

                                                                       Date of birth: 1/31/80
                                                                       Race: Unicorn/changeling mix
                                                                       Origion: Unknown

                                                                      Province of birth: Las pegasus
                                                                       Birthparents: Unknown
                                                                       Biological mother: (Unknown)


Well, as you can tell by that certificate at the top....im going to give you specifics about me.  Duh, i was born in 1980 with no real birthparents.

But who i treat as a mother figure is Queen B. Crysalis...or "Mom" if you will. My brother was also an adopted filly brother stiener melancal,

 he was born July 1, 1990 and was the leader of the zalgos but we will get to that later.

Well...you all know the phrase most gangs use "snitches get stitches?"  Well My brother told on me one time for smuggling dope in equestria.

After a 3 year jail sentence lasting 2005-2008, i set up a sniping position on my apartment and........(Boom)....he's dead.

Now before you complain to me about how i should have "Learned my lesson."  I made some good ass dope back then....so good that the guards bought it from me.

Shit, even twilights assistant Spike bought it for me! Of course i lowered the cost when he bought it from me because he was just a kid, he had no friggin bits.

Now what am i talking about here, a drug meet? Lets get back on topic shall we. Now before you ask me stupid and or pointless questions about my life, i lived in my

moms castle till i was 19. I couldnt really find a job because i was "scary looking" or i "resembled a changeling."   I say to those people NO SHIT.

I lied on my certificate because i didnt want anyone being wigged out if they knew about me being the son of a "Evil bug queen."

I also heard you guys want to see my brothers crime scene photo? (Chuckles) you may. Oh, about my brother and the zalgos.

He was leader of a semi-changeling group that formed the elements of insanity...which is basicly the zalgo society for short. I have some awesome buddies that
coinsist the zalgo society, each with different tasks.

Well, i guess my written interview is over. Some of my friends are going to do the same exact thing. So you can sortof expect somthing like that.

See ya



                                                                                          Sincerely, Daniel





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2014-06-01 05:11:23

the autism
is too much for me to handle