Just a dream part 3

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                                                                       Just a dream part 3
                                                                       "The horror continues"

                     The gutrenching sight Luna had laid her eyes on was the look of Pinkie Pies tombstone. Luna sniffed in sadness and shut her eyes as hard as she
                     could holding back any tears. As her eyes were shut tight, tears came out of her eyes like a leaky sink. 
                     To avoid trouble, Luna did not attend the funeral. She simply listened.
                    "Anyone care to...say any words about pinkie Diane pie...before we bury her?" said the priest. Applejack walked near Pinkies coffin and stood.
                     She looked down in a sorrowful expression and gave a speech. "Well....Pinkie was...uh..allya'll friends and a best friend of mine.
                     She bought great joy....into..." Applejack stopped, being humiliated knowing she was crying too much.
                     After the funeral Luna decided to take a look at Pinkie pies gravestone. She sighed saying, "Why did i do this?"
                     Two hours later luna decides to go back to the crystal palace to get some more sleep. 




                                                                                 4:14 a.m

                     "Ugh, man why do we have to do this!?" said kyle. "Were doing this to bring the zalgo society back where it was 3 years ago. Plus i have a score
                      slash bet to settle with my mother" Exclaimed Daniel.  Kyle made a loud groan. "What is this "Score" huh? You mean to tell me that we came to a
                      Cemitary to dig up some dead sycotic bitch?" 
                      Daniel sighed. "No....we came to the cemetary to try and resurrect her. The changelings will be expirimenting with her D.N.A
                      to see if she too can become something like me." Explained daniel. "Alright...lets get this over with so i can smoke a couple
                      joints when we get back" Kyle said.   Daniel looked at kyle in a wigged out sort of expression. ".....Okay then?" he exclaimed.
                      "So....you got any smart ideas?" said kyle puffing his cigarette. "I have an idea that just might work......since i am part changeling,
                       i think it would be a good idea to discuise as Lyra Hartstrings giving Luna some cookies. But what Luna does not know is that they are
                        drugged with anastegia... Making her fall into a deep sleep. I know a guy who will kill her but....it would take time."
                       Explained Daniel. "Whoa woah woah.....You said...Lyra?" Kyle said in a Dumbfounded tone.  "Did i fucking stutter?! yes lyra.
                       Trust me on this, i hacked into Lyras credit card and saw all of her purchases." Explained Daniel.
                       "Ah sweet we can buy all the dope we wa-" Daniel interrupted Kyle. "How old are you again?" Exclaimed Daniel.
                        "Uh....im 26." said kyle. "Then act like it. Get the shovel and lets un-bury this bitch. I choose Lyra as a discuise because she has
                         some odd fetish with humans. Its pretty sick i gotta tell ya" Explained Daniel.



                                                                           The next day



"I cant believe you broke a agreement with the zalgo society. Let me tell you this kinda stuff flies in your mind but not mine" Said Daniel
 "I know...i fucked up okay? Its just there has been alot of things happening in Equestria lately that my rent is more expensive, and jobs harder to come by."
  Lyra proclaimed. "I dont care...I think that is some sortof excuse not to pay me back." Said Daniel tapping his hoof. "Look...i know you have alot on you to-do list
  But i need one more day to make the resurrection funds you want." Said Lyra nerviously. "You know....you discust me." Daniel implied. "Ya know Lyra its you and
  your discusting little tastes that makes you the worst person in this town and i think i have a way to set that in stone."
  "What are you talking about?" said Lyra. "You have a very interesting web history."  Lyra stood there silent.....not knowing what to say or do. 
   "How would you know that?" Questioned Lyra.   "Im tellin ya the zalgos run wide and deep.
    Through a friends cousin who is nameless, happens to hold a place with your internet provider. Quite the interesting obsession with humans...in the truest sense
   of the word. Such an huge avid online shopper to. Tell me...how is your rainbow human dildo collection treatin ya? Must be very hard to return them
  without a recite." Lyra had enough so she yelled "OKAY OKAY YOU COMEPLETELY SHAMED ME!"  
  Daniel chuckled "This is just the tip of the iceburg my friend. If you dont want Me,Kyle and the Zalgo society to bring nightmares and shit down upon your world.....
  ...i suggest you stay away.....Kill this fucking mongoloid" Daniel said. And just like that (Boom) Kyle pulled the trigger at lyras head.
  Kyle laid a sadistic smile on Lyras dead body. "Hey daniel....just like old times right?" said a strange voice.





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