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Just a dream part 4

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                                                                           Just a dream part 4
                                                                           "Deus Ex machina"



"Ha, yeah tom it has been old times" Exclaimed Daniel.  "I heard you guys are doing something?"  Said thomas. "Yes i plan on killing the political pawns of celestia."
Daniel said. "How many?" asked Thomas. "All of them" Exclaimed Daniel. "Whoa....holy shit man...in that case I'll have a project ready for all of us" said thomas.
"Well Tom let me tell you something. If you keep giving in to those sick little impulses of yours maybe your ass is going to be in some deep water." Daniel said
"I perfer running track, but this again? It was nothing." Said Thomas. "It was fuckin creepy thats what it was. I know our primary goal is to eliminate every sign
of autism we find in Equestria, But somewhere along the way; we gotta draw our own. Lets get back to my place so the changelings can help me make Pinkie again."









                                                                           Location: Canterlot castles
                                                                                9:34 P.M


"Sister! a longtime relative has arrived." Said celestia. "Who is it?" Exclaimed luna.  She could not believe her eyes as she saw Neil, her brother. "Hey lil sis"
Said Neil. "Brother!!" Luna yelled as she hugged Neil tightly. "Damn,  Luna you have gotten big."  Exclaimed Neil. "C'mon i got to show you around the castle.
There is much to see!!" said luna loudly.  Neil chuckled and rubbed his hoof on lunas head. "Alrighty sis."
"Brother, i have a spare bedroom for you. It's upstairs on the right next to Lunas room."  said Celestia. "Cool, im friggin exhausted."  Replied Neil.





                                                                        Location: Daniel Crysalisis apartment

"Alright guys lets pick up pinkies corpse together...one, two, three now!!"  Yelled Daniel.  As they placed Pinkie on the table, Kyle gagged "Man she reaks!" Said Kyle
  "I know she smells bad man but we have to do this for the good of the Elements of insanity." Explained Daniel "Sir, lets give her some electricity!"
Said one of the changelings. As they zapped the corps of Pinkie Pie, small splatters of blood came out of her mouth splattering on Daniel. As he wiped
the blood off of his fur it smeared down to his skin. Daniel sighed.  "Give her another shock." He said with confidence. Afther the second volt of electricity
Daniel decided to do something grotesk. He cut a circle in Pinkie Pies flesh showing the mutsle tissue. He sprinkled salt on the tissue. Her whole body kept
twitching as the salt was sinking into the wound. The corpse made a demonic cry. She jumped off the table and ripped the head off of a changeling. Daniel, tom
and kyle ran out of the lab. They saw green blood splattered on the floor of the room. "Help me, HELP ME!" a changeling yelled. He pounded his hoof on the door
but it would not budge. Pinkie ripped the changelings guts out and dragged him to the end of the room. The changeling cried in pain and agony as his bones, flesh
and insides were being mutilated. The only thing daniel could do is watch in shock and awe at the disturbing sight. He cleared his throat. "Ok....now we know that
we can create demons now, and it can turn others into demons," Tom let out a huge sigh.  "A spoon full of salt would attract more electricity i see?"
"Yeah, it would" Replied daniel.






                                                                    To be continued


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