Just a dream part 4

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                                                                           Just a dream part 4
                                                                           "Deus Ex machina"



"Ha, yeah tom it has been old times" Exclaimed Daniel.  "I heard you guys are doing something?"  Said thomas. "Yes i plan on killing the political pawns of celestia."
Daniel said. "How many?" asked Thomas. "All of them" Exclaimed Daniel. "Whoa....holy shit man...in that case I'll have a project ready for all of us" said thomas.
"Well Tom let me tell you something. If you keep giving in to those sick little impulses of yours maybe your ass is going to be in some deep water." Daniel said
"I perfer running track, but this again? It was nothing." Said Thomas. "It was fuckin creepy thats what it was. I know our primary goal is to eliminate every sign
of autism we find in Equestria, But somewhere along the way; we gotta draw our own. Lets get back to my place so the changelings can help me make Pinkie again."









                                                                           Location: Canterlot castles
                                                                                9:34 P.M


"Sister! a longtime relative has arrived." Said celestia. "Who is it?" Exclaimed luna.  She could not believe her eyes as she saw Neil, her brother. "Hey lil sis"
Said Neil. "Brother!!" Luna yelled as she hugged Neil tightly. "Damn,  Luna you have gotten big."  Exclaimed Neil. "C'mon i got to show you around the castle.
There is much to see!!" said luna loudly.  Neil chuckled and rubbed his hoof on lunas head. "Alrighty sis."
"Brother, i have a spare bedroom for you. It's upstairs on the right next to Lunas room."  said Celestia. "Cool, im friggin exhausted."  Replied Neil.





                                                                        Location: Daniel Crysalisis apartment

"Alright guys lets pick up pinkies corpse together...one, two, three now!!"  Yelled Daniel.  As they placed Pinkie on the table, Kyle gagged "Man she reaks!" Said Kyle
  "I know she smells bad man but we have to do this for the good of the Elements of insanity." Explained Daniel "Sir, lets give her some electricity!"
Said one of the changelings. As they zapped the corps of Pinkie Pie, small splatters of blood came out of her mouth splattering on Daniel. As he wiped
the blood off of his fur it smeared down to his skin. Daniel sighed.  "Give her another shock." He said with confidence. Afther the second volt of electricity
Daniel decided to do something grotesk. He cut a circle in Pinkie Pies flesh showing the mutsle tissue. He sprinkled salt on the tissue. Her whole body kept
twitching as the salt was sinking into the wound. The corpse made a demonic cry. She jumped off the table and ripped the head off of a changeling. Daniel, tom
and kyle ran out of the lab. They saw green blood splattered on the floor of the room. "Help me, HELP ME!" a changeling yelled. He pounded his hoof on the door
but it would not budge. Pinkie ripped the changelings guts out and dragged him to the end of the room. The changeling cried in pain and agony as his bones, flesh
and insides were being mutilated. The only thing daniel could do is watch in shock and awe at the disturbing sight. He cleared his throat. "Ok....now we know that
we can create demons now, and it can turn others into demons," Tom let out a huge sigh.  "A spoon full of salt would attract more electricity i see?"
"Yeah, it would" Replied daniel.






                                                                    To be continued

Just an interview 2

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                                                                Name: Kyle andrews
                                                                Province: Manehattan, Equestria

                                                                Date of birth: 7/30/88

                                                                Race: Unicorn


So.......you guys want me to type my bio huh? Well, here goes nothin. I was born near the end of the 80s.

It was a pretty okay time i guess. I do remember playing
meriquest online with daniel back in the day. We were both different ages but we got along well.

If your wondering how i met him, we will get to that later.

I will now explain the relationship i had with my parents.  

It was a pretty crazy time, my mother had severe agoraphobia and my dad was an abusive asshole.

At the time since i had enough, i killed my father and hung his entrails on the walls like chrismas decorations.

I was sent to J.U.V.Y for the mentaly-insane  at age 10. I also snuck some dope in jail as well and sold it to most inmates. I also met Daniel in jail as well.

Let me get to specific details on how i met him. I met him in 2008 when we were assigned as cell-mates. We got along pretty well and became buds.

But i was fuckin stunned when he told me he was queen crysalisis son. After we got out of jail we pretty much became drinking buddies. We did alot of mercinary work,

mostly jobs such as "Kill this guy" or "Kill this dumb person." However he was very anal about who he killed because he told me "I kill liars and punks to society,
not innocents."  I think occasionily he would kill just for the fun of it but not just killin someone out of the blue.

But.....Daniel told me we plan to kill one of celestias relatives. He hasn't told me yet, i dont think he wants me to know. But i think it would be amazing to kill a
political figure.




                                                                                                                                       -kyle Andrews      

Just a dream part 3

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                                                                       Just a dream part 3
                                                                       "The horror continues"

                     The gutrenching sight Luna had laid her eyes on was the look of Pinkie Pies tombstone. Luna sniffed in sadness and shut her eyes as hard as she
                     could holding back any tears. As her eyes were shut tight, tears came out of her eyes like a leaky sink. 
                     To avoid trouble, Luna did not attend the funeral. She simply listened.
                    "Anyone care to...say any words about pinkie Diane pie...before we bury her?" said the priest. Applejack walked near Pinkies coffin and stood.
                     She looked down in a sorrowful expression and gave a speech. "Well....Pinkie was...uh..allya'll friends and a best friend of mine.
                     She bought great joy....into..." Applejack stopped, being humiliated knowing she was crying too much.
                     After the funeral Luna decided to take a look at Pinkie pies gravestone. She sighed saying, "Why did i do this?"
                     Two hours later luna decides to go back to the crystal palace to get some more sleep. 




                                                                                 4:14 a.m

                     "Ugh, man why do we have to do this!?" said kyle. "Were doing this to bring the zalgo society back where it was 3 years ago. Plus i have a score
                      slash bet to settle with my mother" Exclaimed Daniel.  Kyle made a loud groan. "What is this "Score" huh? You mean to tell me that we came to a
                      Cemitary to dig up some dead sycotic bitch?" 
                      Daniel sighed. "No....we came to the cemetary to try and resurrect her. The changelings will be expirimenting with her D.N.A
                      to see if she too can become something like me." Explained daniel. "Alright...lets get this over with so i can smoke a couple
                      joints when we get back" Kyle said.   Daniel looked at kyle in a wigged out sort of expression. ".....Okay then?" he exclaimed.
                      "So....you got any smart ideas?" said kyle puffing his cigarette. "I have an idea that just might work......since i am part changeling,
                       i think it would be a good idea to discuise as Lyra Hartstrings giving Luna some cookies. But what Luna does not know is that they are
                        drugged with anastegia... Making her fall into a deep sleep. I know a guy who will kill her but....it would take time."
                       Explained Daniel. "Whoa woah woah.....You said...Lyra?" Kyle said in a Dumbfounded tone.  "Did i fucking stutter?! yes lyra.
                       Trust me on this, i hacked into Lyras credit card and saw all of her purchases." Explained Daniel.
                       "Ah sweet we can buy all the dope we wa-" Daniel interrupted Kyle. "How old are you again?" Exclaimed Daniel.
                        "Uh....im 26." said kyle. "Then act like it. Get the shovel and lets un-bury this bitch. I choose Lyra as a discuise because she has
                         some odd fetish with humans. Its pretty sick i gotta tell ya" Explained Daniel.



                                                                           The next day



"I cant believe you broke a agreement with the zalgo society. Let me tell you this kinda stuff flies in your mind but not mine" Said Daniel
 "I know...i fucked up okay? Its just there has been alot of things happening in Equestria lately that my rent is more expensive, and jobs harder to come by."
  Lyra proclaimed. "I dont care...I think that is some sortof excuse not to pay me back." Said Daniel tapping his hoof. "Look...i know you have alot on you to-do list
  But i need one more day to make the resurrection funds you want." Said Lyra nerviously. "You know....you discust me." Daniel implied. "Ya know Lyra its you and
  your discusting little tastes that makes you the worst person in this town and i think i have a way to set that in stone."
  "What are you talking about?" said Lyra. "You have a very interesting web history."  Lyra stood there silent.....not knowing what to say or do. 
   "How would you know that?" Questioned Lyra.   "Im tellin ya the zalgos run wide and deep.
    Through a friends cousin who is nameless, happens to hold a place with your internet provider. Quite the interesting obsession with humans...in the truest sense
   of the word. Such an huge avid online shopper to. Tell me...how is your rainbow human dildo collection treatin ya? Must be very hard to return them
  without a recite." Lyra had enough so she yelled "OKAY OKAY YOU COMEPLETELY SHAMED ME!"  
  Daniel chuckled "This is just the tip of the iceburg my friend. If you dont want Me,Kyle and the Zalgo society to bring nightmares and shit down upon your world.....
  ...i suggest you stay away.....Kill this fucking mongoloid" Daniel said. And just like that (Boom) Kyle pulled the trigger at lyras head.
  Kyle laid a sadistic smile on Lyras dead body. "Hey daniel....just like old times right?" said a strange voice.




Just an interview

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                                                                       Date of birth: 1/31/80
                                                                       Race: Unicorn/changeling mix
                                                                       Origion: Unknown

                                                                      Province of birth: Las pegasus
                                                                       Birthparents: Unknown
                                                                       Biological mother: (Unknown)


Well, as you can tell by that certificate at the top....im going to give you specifics about me.  Duh, i was born in 1980 with no real birthparents.

But who i treat as a mother figure is Queen B. Crysalis...or "Mom" if you will. My brother was also an adopted filly brother stiener melancal,

 he was born July 1, 1990 and was the leader of the zalgos but we will get to that later.

Well...you all know the phrase most gangs use "snitches get stitches?"  Well My brother told on me one time for smuggling dope in equestria.

After a 3 year jail sentence lasting 2005-2008, i set up a sniping position on my apartment and........(Boom)....he's dead.

Now before you complain to me about how i should have "Learned my lesson."  I made some good ass dope back then....so good that the guards bought it from me.

Shit, even twilights assistant Spike bought it for me! Of course i lowered the cost when he bought it from me because he was just a kid, he had no friggin bits.

Now what am i talking about here, a drug meet? Lets get back on topic shall we. Now before you ask me stupid and or pointless questions about my life, i lived in my

moms castle till i was 19. I couldnt really find a job because i was "scary looking" or i "resembled a changeling."   I say to those people NO SHIT.

I lied on my certificate because i didnt want anyone being wigged out if they knew about me being the son of a "Evil bug queen."

I also heard you guys want to see my brothers crime scene photo? (Chuckles) you may. Oh, about my brother and the zalgos.

He was leader of a semi-changeling group that formed the elements of insanity...which is basicly the zalgo society for short. I have some awesome buddies that
coinsist the zalgo society, each with different tasks.

Well, i guess my written interview is over. Some of my friends are going to do the same exact thing. So you can sortof expect somthing like that.

See ya



                                                                                          Sincerely, Daniel




Just a dream part 2

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                                                                          JUST A DREAM
                                                                              PART 2
                                                                       "The nightmares beggining"

As Luna began to wipe the vomit from her mouth, she had one common goal that day..."To find Pinkie pie and kill her."  But wait...this was not princess of the night
talking. This was the darker side of her heart Nightmare moon. "No....no no no i have to find rainbow dash and talk to her, right" Luna mumbled to herself.
Nightmare moon hummed. "I think you should do both...it would be a splendid site to see. I have not seen another pony mentaly tortured in decades."
Nightmare moon said with a grin on her face. "Why you litt-".  Just as luna was prepairing to say a comeback, Princess Celestia caught her swatting thin air.
Celestia looked dumbstruck. "What are you doing?" said  Celestia. Luna sighed. "Nothing just prepairing to go out, talk to Rainbow Dash and get something to eat."
"That sounds good however, somthing is odd about your accent." said Celestia. "For what do you mean?" Replied luna.
"Your accent is less shakesphearian than i remember." Celestia said.  "I have been adapting to this towns languages and cultures. Now if you excuse me..i'll be on
my way." Said luna in a rude manor.  As luna left the Crystal empire castle, Celestias response was a groan and a mumbled "Bitch."


As luna was walking down the street of canterlot, she decided to grab some train tickets to get to ponyville. "Thank you prin-" Luna interupted the conductor.
"Im an ex-princess by my sisters side. Im not a major political pawn so you can drop that "Princess" crap"
"Yes ma'am...but.. you raise the moon so we can go to sleep at night" said the conductor.
Luna sighed, "Tushé."  2 Hours later When Luna got to Ponyville. She heard  nightmare moons voice that said "Kill her...kill them all" But the voice wasn't Nightmare
moons voice alone...it was a combination of Queen Crysalisis voice. When luna got to Sugar cube corner, she had a sick feeling in her stomach. "Hi there!!
im so glad your back are you glad cus im glad we all should be glad your back" Exclaimed pinkie pie loudly. "Kill her,"  Nightmare Moon said in her head.
"The party tonight is going to be so awesome theres gonna be cakes ice cream and the whole nine yards." pinkie continued.  "Kill her....KILL HER NOW!!!"
Yelled Nightmare moon. Pinkie tilted her head to the left. "Something wrong?" said pinkie pie. All of the sudden, Luna sliced pinkie pie in half. "B...but..why?"
Pinkie said in a bloodcurtling expression. The mane 6...which was now the main 5 looked in shock and awe at the site of their decapitated friend. "Hey Twi i have
the greek mytholigy books for yo-." Spike stood shaken, with another awestruck face. Twilight talked in a sorrowful tone. "I have no choice but to do this now."
Twilight readied her horn and made a blowback spell. Luna woke up in her room in the palace the next morning...dazed and confused not remembering anything.
"Sister...i really do hate to do this but....you are sentenced to palace arrest for 7 month's.."  Celestia stated.  
"7 month's..for what did i do?" Luna said in a confused tone. "For murdering Pinkie pie in cold blood." Celestia said in a confident tone.
Luna still could not remember what happened. That night luna went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she noticed a shadow of pinkie pie.
She jumped and shook it off as nothing. Then when she poured the glass of water, she noticed a small shadowy phigment of Nightmare moon.

She jumped and shattered the glass of water. However the glass was not that big so no other pony or guard could hear it.
Pictures of dead and mutilated ponies flashed in her mind for fractions of seconds, Luna was holding her head trying to get the images out.
Luna leaned on the wall and slid. Bubbling saliva was coming out of her mouth. Her eyes became bloodshot and she laid there...emotionless...groaning and moaning
desperately for help. She Then woke up gasping like her head was underwater for to long. She then heard many ponies crying in the street. She then decided to see
what was going on, the moments after...would haunt her very soul.

Just a dream part 1

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"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no!!" Luna yelled.  Princess celestia woke up in a panic. "Whats the matter!?" Celestia questioned.  "I don't know sister, i have been having these
ludachris dreams about..." Luna makes a
chilling sigh, "A demonic Pinkie pie."   "What? a Demonic Pinkie pie?, If you dont mind if i ask sister..but..how long have you been having such dreams?" Celestia
Questioned. "2 Yea-" Celestia interrupted her sister. "2 Years!?! why did you not tell me of such events?"
"I...was going to tell you-nevermind" Luna could not speak, the words slipped through the thoughts in her mind.
As celestia was leaving her room quarters, Luna said. "Wait...sister!"
"Yes?" Celestia replied. "Where could i find such knowledge or dreams of this nature?"
Celestia looked around the room in a Dumbfounded manor. "You should try to talk to rainbow dash, i think she has had a night terror as such as yours but not now,
You should go back to sleep.tomorrow you can go see my subjects."
"Sounds spectacular" luna stated. As luna was heading back to sleep, she had her nightmare again. And it was different this time.
Luna was laying on a hospital bed. Her hooves and wings were locked in place by chained shackles welded to the floor.
She could move her hooves and wings but it was limited. As some fog in the room started to clear, Luna noticed other ponies
of the same state squerming to get out. Luna Tried to use her magic to get out but her horn was rendered useless.
Suddenly, she heard desperate screaming and mutilating of flesh in the room. The noise of the room reflected and became loud.
Luna struggled to cover her ears but could not. The screaming stopped, Luna heard hoove walking in the distance.
"Hello!" said a synth voiced demonic pinkie. Luna was discusted at the site of a bloodied pinkie with a pleated dress made of cutie marks.
Luna gulped, holding back the feeling to throw up. Her stomach was in knots, she was breathing heavily and was scared speechlessly.
"Well, the sun is almost up, i'll send you back to your room in equestria, see ya-."  Pinkie Demonicly screamed in her face. Drips of blood leaked out
of her mouth and eyes. Luna woke up in a panic. She grabbed her stomach with her hooves and gagged. She went in the bathroom and vomited.


What hapened to rotten.com?

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Seriously, how could the underbelly of the internet  (http://www.rotten.com/)  is no longer updated. I never went to the site, but jesus christ!!! at least put new stuff on there. I think that after a picture of showing a babys fucking inside's!!!!  and getting huge amounts of hatemail and death threats led me to belive they are not interested in updating it anymore. Plus pornopolis was pretty fucked up, listing other worldly fetishes and other strange shit. Such as a "failed mission" or  "still hungry for horse mutton".   Who the fuck would eat a horse dick?!?!?!?! my guess is some hispanic kid living in a bumfuck country filled with cannables, rapists, and pedophiles would suck on a horse dick just for fun.

Anyways, im getting sortof off topic, my point is, its odd how they arent updating www.rotten.com anymore. anyways



Peace  -MiniV2423